Modular, metal, wooden, concrete, spiral and evacuation stairs

The value of a staircase in the modern house goes way beyond the function of providing a means to get from one floor to a next. Thanks to numerous designing solutions and state-of-the-art materials the staircase can become the interior constituent element, and exterior stair can light up the face of a whole building.

Architects and house owners have extensive opportunities to turn a technically-correct, code-legal staircase into state-of-the-art element of the interior. The companies engaged in metal stairs manufacturing and installation will offer you innovative and daring solutions, not speaking about simple, practical, structurally correct and easy projects.

The stairs’ supporting frame is made of metal or stainless steel, and for decorative elements, steps and handrails various materials are used – steel, wood, glass, stone and others.

You are most likely not to find identical solutions. Every construction is unique, as it is produced on the basis of an individual project, and the customer preferences are being considered. Normally the company specialists will make a sketch project together with the customer. The customer preferences will be respected when choosing constructions, steps and handrails, as well as functional integration into the design of the room or building will be taken into account. Then the detailed stair project will be elaborated, which prior to its realization will be handed in for the customer’s approval. Then the stair components and details will be produced. And finally, the stair installation will take place.

Modern materials like steel, glass, wood and stone will make your imagination go wild. Experienced specialists will offer you exclusive solutions for staircases to match peculiar design of your interior and gracious exterior stair design. And finally, an element like a handrail can make a fa?ade of your house acquire a brand new look.

Lately there is witnessed a trend for exclusive and unique stairs; frequently they are of irregular shape and non-standard solutions are applied. The stairs’ supporting frame is made up of powder coated metal and stainless steel is offered as the solution for handrail material. As for the most commonly used material for the steps, it is wood produced of high-value trees. The customer should pay attention to the fact if steps are matching the floor. It is relevant to note that bright colourful light works well for successful staircase solution in the interior design. Therefore, special lighting elements can be used for making your staircase even more visually interesting, or for that purpose you can use natural lighting.

Spiral stairs will be not only space-saving, but will turn into original interior element if not into its dominant component. This type of stairs is definitely eye-catching; therefore for their construction the customers are choosing modern materials and attractive decorative elements.
Stair types
Kāpnes ar pagriezienu 180 grādi
Kāpnes ar pagriezienu 90 grādi
Kāpnes ar laukumu 180 grādi
Kāpnes ar laukumu 90 grādi
Vītņveida kāpnes
Straight stairs
Stairs with landing 90°
Stairs with landing 180°
Stairs with turn 90°
Stairs with turn 180°
Spiral stairs
Non-standard constructions
Gate automatics
Metal (painted, galvanized)
Stainless steel
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